About Us


Pastor Trevor Price

      Hi, my name is Trevor Price and I am the Pastor here at West Union. I have been here since March of 2015 and blessed to be part of this body of believers.

     I was born in Jasper, NY where I was raised in a Christian home along with 12 other brothers and sisters. One evening service when I was five or six years old, I was looking at a picture on the wall in our church depicting heaven and hell, I was convicted of my sin and knew that I needed to trust Jesus Christ for my salvation. Before going to sleep that evening, beside my bed, with my mother by my side I prayed to God asking forgiveness of my sins and asked God to save me from my sins and I put my faith in Jesus Christ for my salvation. I remember it well.


   Upon completion of high school at Jasper-Troupsburg, I attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. in the fall of 1994. Five years later I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. I worked at the university in the athletics department for two and a half years after that. I returned home to my hometown of Jasper in January of 2002, sensing my need to be home to help with ailing grandparents and parents. Over the course of the following eight years, I taught in Christian schools, public schools and worked in agriculture on various farms and even a Christmas tree farm.

      In the summer of 2008, I was traveling to Bath, NY and was convicted by the teaching on the radio about holiness. Looking at my life, I realized that I was straddling the fence spiritually, living in the world and doing worldly things but also trying to maintain a religious façade to my friends and family. This message convicted me so greatly that I pulled into the Arby’s parking lot in Bath and cried my eyes out confessing my sins to the Lord and repenting of them. This was a monumental moment in my adult life, a moment when God called back the wandering prodigal to himself and changed my attitude toward my sin and worldly living.

In the August of 2009, I met my (soon to be) wife in New York City. On March 27th, 2010, I married Yanelba and a month later received my calling to ministry at the Baptist Church in Troupsburg, NY. In the summer of 2012, we started a home church called Cornerstone Bible Church, which we labored in for two and a half years. In March of 2015, I was called to West Union Mennonite Church, having served here since then in the role of pastor.

     My greatest desire as a pastor is to see lives transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I desire to see an ever-increasing passion for the word of God in my own life and in the lives of our church members. I would love to see a genuine revival in our communities through the power of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the local churches.

     I praise the Lord for my loving, supportive wife, Yanelba and my five wonderful children, Eden, Elianna, Eliza, Elysia, and Oziah.


What We Believe

        1.  We believe the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant, infallible, authoritative, written Word of God

        2.  We believe there is one God, sovereign, omnipotent, omnipresence, and eternally existent in three person, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

        3.  We believe that Jesus Christ was God in Human flesh, at once fully divine and human. We believe in the virgin birth, his sinless life, his miracles, his vicarious life and atoning death on the cross, his bodily resurrection, his ascension to the right hand of the Father, his present ministry of intersession and his personal return in power and glory.

        4.  We believe that human beings were created in the image of God but rebelled against God and are therefore fallen, lost, estranged from their creator, and in need of salvation.

        5.  We believe that only those who, by grace through faith, receive Jesus Christ as savior and Lord and are converted, born again of the Holy Spirit and thus become children of God.

        6.  We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit who convicts persons of sin, brings them to repentance, enables the Christian to pursue life characterized by personal holiness and faithful discipleship in obedience to Jesus Christ, and gives spiritual gifts to the church to enrich worship, provide spiritual oversight, and enhance effectiveness in witness.

        7. We believe the church “body of Christ” is composed of all those of every nation who through saving faith have entered into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. We further believe that the church is the very center of God Cosmic purpose and that he has committed to the church and every member of it the task of making Jesus known throughout the world. 

        8.  We believe the local congregation of baptized believers exist to equip the body of Christ through such means as worship, teaching, fellowship and prayer to spread the gospel of Christ, to extend the influence of the kingdom of God in the world, and turn themselves outward to their local community in evangelical witness and compassionate service.  We further believe that the quality and “body life” among believers in caring congregations is essential for effective evangelism and outreach.

        9.  We believe that the reality of sin in the human heart results in suffering, injustice, strife, and moral decay in society.

        10. We believe that, in Jesus Christ, the way of love and reconciliation is revealed as god’s way for his people and that the people of God are called to value the sanctity of human life, alleviate suffering, reject retaliation and personal vengeance, work for peace in all relationships, and live as responsible stewards of all Gods’ creation.

        11. We believe God instituted marriage and family at the beginning of human history.  Right sexual union takes place only within the marriage relationship, which is a covenant between one man and one women for life, and the family formed from such a union is God ordained context for birth and nurture of children.

        12. We believe in the resurrection of all people, those who are saved unto resurrection of everlasting blessedness with the lord, and those who are lost to eternal separation of the Lord.

        13. We believe that in fullness of time God will bring all things in Heaven and on Earth together under one head, the Lord, Jesus Christ.